EMDR therapy for you in Bath

Is a traumatic incident from the past making you feel vulnerable? Is it preventing you from leading a normal, happy life? Mina Bancheva’s EMDR therapy can help you in dealing with such a situation.

EMDR therapy by Mina Bancheva

EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing is designed to help you process traumatic experiences. Trauma has different levels and people process it differently. It can be a big trauma, such as war, rape, torture and sexual abuse or everyday traumas such as psychological and physical neglect and abuse during childhood.
The EMDR treatment I provide works directly on the brain where traumatic experiences are stored. Your conscious mind might not be aware of it, but your subconscious mind is. I help you come to terms with such experiences to lead a better life.

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The benefits you will get:

• It will help you weaken the effects of negative experiences
• Traumatic memories will become less disabling
• Guide you to construct a positive self-belief
• Help you regain lost self confidence
• Helps you lead a better life

The treatment can be used by itself to target and resolve particular traumatic experience or as part of a general course of psychotherapy such as CAT.
Do you want to make peace with your past? Call Mina Bancheva on 07713 641 170 in Bath.

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