Cognitive Analytical Therapy

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Do you fail to understand the real reason behind the issues that you are facing? Are you feeling lost? Mina Bancheva is here to help you.

What is CAT therapy all about?

Cognitive Analytical Therapy is designed to look at ways you think, feel and act and the events and relationships that underline the experiences. CAT therapy helps understand why at times we may have difficulties in our relationships with others and with ourselves. 
CAT therapy will also help you in understanding what you offer in a relationship, be it positive or negative. It helps you take responsibility of your own actions and not be a victim by blaming others for your distress.

Road to a positive life

CAT is a forward looking and pragmatic model which is based on the belief that once you become conscious of the unhealthy patterns you can take steps toward changing it. CBT therapy has a practical approach to it, which is why you will realise that change cannot occur overnight and it is slow yet steady process. 

I will take 16-20 weekly sessions and a follow-up session about three months after completion, depending upon the problem.

CAT therapy will help you with :

  • Finding what exactly your problem is
  • Thinking about yourself in a different way
  • Finding new ways of addressing old problems
  • Importance of relationships in your psychological life
By the end of the treatment you will learn to use certain techniques that will help you in dealing with different types of situation. The process will empower you to become your own therapist.
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