Counselling for Couples

Counselling for couples in Bath

Is the romance between you and your partner fading away? Is the lack of communication making you drift apart? Mina Bancheva is based in Bath and available to help you with counselling for couples.

Mina Bancheva is here to help you

Couples counselling is a great way to reconnect with your partner and bring that spark back in your relationship. I offer a 10 week course to help couples learn ways to communicate more effectively with each other. You will learn how your childhood wounds affect your present relationship.
You also learn how you and your partner are unconsciously distancing yourselves from each other. As part of the relationship counselling, you will also learn to develop closeness and intimacy by re-discovering your romantic feelings for each other.

Benefits of counselling with me

• Communicate your anger and frustrations appropriately 
• Deepen your love for each other
• Learn to negotiate your needs
• Re-establish trust
• Heals the old wounds 

You will learn a lot from the 10 sessions. However, you will have to apply the techniques and work towards strengthening your relationship.
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Call on 07713 641 170 to make an appointment for relationship counselling in Bath.

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